M. U. Pethani Voluntary Blood Bank, Palanpur

Blood Bank: Banaskantha, PIN: 385001, Phone: 02742 246914, 02742 245899, Mobie: 9426749265, email: pethani.bloodbank@yahoo.in | Government | 24X7 | Blood components are not available
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    M. U. Pethani Voluntary Blood Bank, Palanpur

    Bhagwan Mahavir Seva Samiti Sanchalit Mafatben Uttamlal Pethani Voluntary Blood Bank, Baradpura, Near Delhi Gate, Palanpur, Banaskantha
    Phone : 02742 246914, 02742 245899
    Mobile : 9426749265

    Helpline : NA
    Fax : NA
    email : pethani.bloodbank@yahoo.in
    Website : NA

    Service Time : 24X7

    Nodal Officer : Dr. M Sutariya
    Qualification : MD
    Phone :
    Mobile : 9426749265
    email : pethani.bloodbank@yahoo.in

    Type : Government
    Blood components available : NO
    Apheresis : NO
    License : GB/790

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